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165 Cool Middle Names for Violet: The Ultimate Guide (2022)

Do you need a middle name for your baby Violet? We’ve got you covered!

We collected some of the best middle names for your little one. Whether you’re looking for something cute, trendy, unique, or more traditional, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for.

Note: We have included each name’s meaning and ranking (popularity) and have marked our favorites with ⭐⭐⭐ to help you locate them easily.

In a hurry? Below are our top 10 favorites:

  • Violet Grace
  • Violet Rose
  • Violet Faith
  • Violet Hope
  • Violet Jade
  • Violet Skye
  • Violet Marie
  • Violet Simone
  • Violet Imani
  • Violet Stormi

About the Name Violet

Congratulations on deciding to name your little one Violet. It is a beautiful name with a lot of history and meaning behind it.

Derived from the Latin word viola, meaning violet or purple, Violet is also the name of a type of flower. The name Violet can also be traced back to the Old French word violete.

The name Violet was once quite popular in the early 20th century but has since fallen out of favor. In recent years, however, the name has been making a comeback and is now once again gaining in popularity. You can thank Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner for naming their daughter Violet.

Fun Fact: Violet is also the birth flower for February.

Popularity: The name Violet was ranked as the 25th most popular name for girls in the US in 2021.

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Now let’s get to the fun part. Below are the best middle names for Violet!

One-Syllable Middle Names for Violet

Violet Belle: (Meaning: Beautiful, Popularity: Not ranking)

Violet Blair: (Meaning: Plain, meadow or field, Popularity: 315)

Violet Blake (Meaning: Fair-haired, dark, Popularity: 199)

Violet Brooke: (Meaning: Small stream, Popularity: 259)

Violet Claire: (Meaning: Bright, clear, Popularity: 59)

Violet Drew: (Meaning: Strong, Popularity: 815)

Violet Faith: (Meaning: To trust, Popularity: 169)

Violet Faye: (Meaning: Loyalty, belief, faith, fairy, Popularity: 607)

Violet Grace: (Meaning: Charm, goodness, generosity, Popularity: 34)

Violet Hope: (Meaning: Hope, positive expectation, Popularity: 229)

Violet Jade: (Meaning: Precious green stone, Popularity: 91)

Violet Jane: (Meaning: God is gracious, Popularity: 265)

Violet Joy: (Meaning: Happiness, great pleasure, Popularity: 407)

Violet Kate: (Meaning: Pure, Popularity: 413)

Violet Queen: (Meaning: Female royalty, Popularity: Not ranking)

Violet Reese: (Meaning: Ardor, Popularity: 147)

Violet Reign (Meaning: Rule, Sovereign., Popularity: 349)

Violet Rose: (Meaning: A flower, Popularity: 116)

Violet Ruth: (Meaning: Compassionate friend, Popularity: 189)

Violet Sage: (Meaning: Wise, Popularity: 179)

Violet Skye: (Meaning: Sky, Popularity: 429)

Violet Sloan: (Meaning: Raider, Popularity: 574)

Two-Syllable Middle Names for Violet

Violet Abby: (Meaning: Father’s joy, Popularity: 575)

Violet Ada: (Meaning: Noble, nobility, Popularity: 180)

Violet Adley: (Meaning: In Hebrew, Adley means the Lord is Just, in English it means heather field, Popularity: 508)

Violet Amy: (Meaning: Beloved, Popularity: 188)

Violet Anna: (Meaning: Grace, Popularity: 84)

Violet Astrid (Meaning: Divinely beautiful, Popularity: 438)

Violet Aubree: (Meaning: elf ruler, Popularity: 190)

Violet Audrey: (Meaning: Noble, strength, Popularity: 60)

Violet Autumn: (Meaning: Fall, Popularity: 66)

Violet Ava: (Meaning: birdlike, lively, Popularity: 5)

Violet Baylee: (Meaning: Law enforcer, bailiff, Popularity: 768)

Violet Bella: (Meaning: Beautiful, Popularity: 73)

Violet Bonnie: (Meaning: Beautiful, or cheerful, Popularity: 513)

Violet Bria: (Meaning: Vigour, liveliness, Popularity: 790)

Violet Brielle: (Meaning: Hunting grounds, Popularity: 118)

Violet Cali: (Meaning: Beautiful, Popularity: 337)

Violet Carter: (Meaning: Cart maker or driver, Popularity: 500)

Violet Casey: (Meaning: Brave in battle, Popularity: Not ranking)

Violet Celine: (Meaning: Heavenly, Popularity: 390)

Violet Charlee: (Meaning: Free man, Popularity: 272)

Violet Christine: (Meaning: Christian, Popularity: Not ranking)

Violet Daisy: (Meaning: Day’s eye, Popularity: 134)

Violet Dallas: (Meaning: Skilled, Popularity: 635)

Violet Dana: (Meaning: From Denmark, gift, or wise, Popularity: Not ranking)

Violet Dani: (Meaning: God is my judge, Popularity: 736)

Violet Danielle: (Meaning: God is my judge, Popularity: 443)

Violet Danna: (Meaning: From Denmark, gift, or wise, Popularity: 369)

Violet Daphne: (Meaning: Laurel tree, bay tree, Popularity: 288)

Violet Denise: (Meaning: Delicate, Popularity: Not ranking)

Violet Denver: (Meaning: Green valley or from Anvers, Popularity: 776)

Violet Edith: (Meaning: Prosperous in war, Popularity: 492)

Violet Eileen: (Meaning: Desired or water, island, Popularity: 673)

Violet Ella: (Meaning: Goddess or fairy maiden, Popularity: 16)

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Violet Ellis: (Meaning: Benevolent, Popularity: 594)

Violet Emma: (Meaning: Universal, Popularity: 2)

Violet Ensley:(Meaning: One’s own meadow, Popularity: 789)

Violet Estelle: (Meaning: Star, Popularity: 744)

Violet Eva: (Meaning: Life, Popularity: 93)

Violet Finley: (Meaning: Fair-haired hero, Popularity: 211)

Violet Georgia: (Meaning: Farmer, Popularity: 165)

Violet Giselle: (Meaning: Pledge/hostage, Popularity: 361)

Violet Hannah:(Meaning: Favor, grace, Popularity: 44)

Violet Hayden: (Meaning: Valley, fire, Popularity: 290)

Violet Hazel: (Meaning: Hazelnut tree, brown, Popularity: 28)

Violet Heidi: (Meaning: Noble, nobility, Popularity: 395)

Violet Holland: (Meaning: Wooded land, Popularity: 638)

Violet Holly: (Meaning: Holly tree (with red berries), Popularity: 465)

Violet Ivy: (Meaning: Vine, Popularity: Not ranking)

Violet Jasmine (Meaning: God’s gift, fragrant flower, Popularity: 170)

Violet Jenna (Meaning: White shadow, white wave, Popularity: 585)

Violet Joelle (Meaning: Jehovah is his God, Popularity: 731)

Violet Jordan (Meaning: Flow down, descend, Popularity: 425)

Violet Julia (Meaning: Youthful, Popularity: 114)

Violet Justice (Meaning: Just, upright or righteous, Popularity: 741)

Violet Kaia (Meaning: To rejoice or sea, Popularity: 231)

Violet Kendra (Meaning: Knowing, Popularity: 649)

Violet Kensley (Meaning: Spring, clear, Popularity: 564)

Violet Khloe (Meaning: Young green shoot on a flower or plant, blossoming, Popularity: 176)

Violet Kinsley (Meaning: King’s meadow, Popularity: 57)

Violet Lacey (Meaning: From Lassy, Popularity: 808)

Violet Laila (Meaning: Of the night, Popularity: 242)

Violet Lexi (Meaning: Defender of man, Popularity: 416)

Violet Mara (Meaning: Bitter, Popularity: 540)

Violet Margot (Meaning: Pearl, Popularity: 194)

Violet Marie (Meaning: Star of the sea, Popularity: 600)

Violet Marley (Meaning: Pleasant seaside meadow, Popularity: 215)

Violet Michelle (Meaning: Who resembles God, Popularity: 394)

Violet Mila (Meaning: Gracious, dear, Popularity: 26)

Violet Milan (Meaning: Gracious, dear, Popularity: 655)

Violet Molly (Meaning: Star of the sea in Irish or bitter in Hebrew, Popularity: 186)

Violet Monroe (Meaning: Mouth of the Roe River, Popularity: 525)

Violet Morgan (Meaning: Sea-born, sea-song, or sea-circle, Popularity: 205)

Violet Myla (Meaning: Soldier or merciful, Popularity: 232)

Violet Nicole (Meaning: People of victory, Popularity: 340)

Violet Noelle: (Meaning: Christmas, Popularity: 202)

Violet Nova (Meaning: New, Popularity: 32)

Violet Paislee (Meaning: Church, Popularity: 420)

Violet Paityn (Meaning: Warrior’s estate, Popularity: 939)

Violet Parker (Meaning: Park keeper, Popularity: 115)

Violet Paula (Meaning: Small, Popularity: 821)

Violet Piper (Meaning: Pipe or flute player, Popularity: 96)

Violet Raegan (Meaning: Impulsive or of nobility, Popularity: 280)

Violet Raya (Meaning: Friend, Popularity: 494)

Violet Ruby (Meaning: Deep red precious stone, Popularity: 62)

Violet Sadie (Meaning: Princess, Popularity: 78)

Violet Sasha (Meaning: Protector of men, Popularity: 571)

Violet Scarlett (Meaning: Red, Popularity: 20)

Violet Shalom (Meaning: Peace, Popularity: Not ranking)

Violet Simone (Meaning: Hearkening, Popularity: 873)

Violet Stormi (Meaning: Impetuous nature, Popularity: 931)

Violet Summer (Meaning: One of the four seasons, Popularity: 141)

Violet Sunny (Meaning: Bright, bubbly, and cheerful, Popularity: 650)

Violet Sydney (Meaning: Saint Denis (French) or wide meadow (English), Popularity: 249)

Violet Tenley (Meaning: Burnt clearing, Popularity: Not ranking)

Violet Tessa (Meaning: To reap or to gather, Popularity: 287)

Violet Thea (Meaning: Goddess, godly, Popularity: 312)

Violet Tori (Meaning: Bird, Popularity: 995)

Violet Zoe (Meaning: Life, Popularity: 42)

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Three-Syllable Middle Names for Violet

Violet Aaliyah: (Meaning: Exalted, Popularity: 61)

Violet Alexis: (Meaning: Helper, defender, Popularity: 341)

Violet Aria: (Meaning: Song or melody, Popularity: 22)

Violet Beatrice: (Meaning: she who brings happiness; blessed, Popularity: 565)

Violet Bethany: (Meaning: House of figs, Popularity: 646)

Violet Briana: (Meaning: Strong, virtuous, honorable, Popularity: 637)

Violet Cassidy: (Meaning: Curly-haired, Popularity: 476)

Violet Christina: (Meaning: Follower of Christ, Popularity: 629)

Violet Dakota: (Meaning: Friendly one, Popularity: 270)

Violet Deborah: (Meaning: Bee, Popularity: 909)

Violet Delaney: (Meaning: Dark challenger, Popularity: 269)

Violet Destiny: (Meaning: Fate, Popularity: 398)

Violet Diana: (Meaning: Divine, Popularity: 225)

Violet Elaina: (Meaning: Bright, shining light, Popularity: 257)

Violet Elisa: (Meaning: Pledged to God, Popularity: 421)

Violet Emani: (Meaning: Faith, Popularity: Not ranking)

Violet Emory: (Meaning: Home strength, Industrious Leader, Popularity: 477)

Violet Gianna: (Meaning: The Lord is gracious, Popularity: 13)

Violet Imani: (Meaning: Faith, belief, Popularity: 533)

Violet Isabel: (Meaning: Pledged to God, Popularity: 146)

Violet Kennedi: (Meaning: Misshapen head, Popularity: 524)

Violet Leanna: (Meaning: Light, merciful, gracious, Popularity: 910)

Violet Mackenzie: (Meaning: Comely, attractive or pleasant to look at, Popularity: 123)

Violet Makayla: (Meaning: Who is like God, Popularity: 355)

Violet Maria: (Meaning: Drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved, Popularity: 106)

Violet Mariah: (Meaning: The Lord is my teacher, of the sea, bitter, or beloved, Popularity: 342)

Violet Marissa: (Meaning: Of the sea, bitter, beloved, bitter, rebellion, Popularity: Not ranking)

Violet Melissa: (Meaning: Honeybee, Popularity: 372)

Violet Natasha: (Meaning: Birthday of the Lord, Popularity: 905)

Violet Paulina: (Meaning: Small, Popularity: 799)

Violet Priscilla: (Meaning: Venerable, ancient, classical, primordial, Popularity: 625)

Violet Ramona: (Meaning: Wise protector, Popularity: 794)

Violet Regina: (Meaning: Queen, Popularity: 426)

Violet Samantha: (Meaning: Told by God, Popularity: 105)

Violet Savannah: (Meaning: grassland, treeless plain, Popularity: 68)

Violet Selena: (Meaning: Moon Goddess, Popularity: 203)

Violet Sienna: (Meaning: Orange red, Popularity: 149)

Violet Sofia: (Meaning: Wisdom, Popularity: 18)

Violet Vanessa: (Meaning: Butterfly, Popularity: 253)

Four-Syllable Middle Names for Olivia

Violet Adriana: (Meaning: From Adria, Popularity: 334)

Violet Alexandra: (Meaning: One who comes to save warriors, Popularity: 168)

Violet Angelica: (Meaning: Angel, Popularity: 601)

Violet Elisabeth: (Meaning: Pledged to God, Popularity: Not ranking)

Violet Penelope: (Meaning: Weaver, Popularity: 23)

Violet Tatiana: (Meaning: Fairy queen, Popularity: 994)

Nicknames for Violet

There are a few nicknames that are commonly used for the name Violet. These include:

  • Vi
  • Viola
  • Violetta
  • Letty
  • Vivi

The Wrap Up

There you have it! These are some of the best middle names for your baby Violet. We hope this list has helped you narrow your search and find the perfect name for your little one!

Below are our top 10 favorites:

  • Violet Grace
  • Violet Rose
  • Violet Faith
  • Violet Hope
  • Violet Jade
  • Violet Skye
  • Violet Marie
  • Violet Simone
  • Violet Imani
  • Violet Stormi


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