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213 Beautiful Middle Names for Nora: The Ultimate List

Choosing a middle name for your baby can be almost as difficult as choosing their first name. You want it to complement their first name but also stand out on its own. If you’re struggling to find the perfect middle name for your daughter Nora, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with a list of the best 213+ middle names.

But first, here are our top ten favorites. Be sure to scroll down and read the entire list for even more great ideas.

  • Nora Belle
  • Nora Elizabeth
  • Nora Grace
  • Nora Olivia
  • Nora Penelope
  • Nora Harper
  • Nora Autumn
  • Nora Carter
  • Nora Marie
  • Nora Monroe

Note: We have included each middle name’s meaning and have marked our top favorites with a ❤️ to help you locate them easily.

About the Name Nora

Nora is a lovely and unique two-syllable name that carries significant meaning, origin, and popularity. Nora means “shining light” or “honor” and is of Latin and Irish origin.

This beautiful name has been used in many different cultures over the years, and today it is often used by parents looking for a unique name with a beautiful meaning. In 2021, Nora was ranked as the 27th most popular name for baby girls in the United States, according to data from the Social Security Administration.

Some of the most popular celebrity baby girls born in recent years have been given the name Nora, including Nora Arnezeder, a French actress and singer, and Nora Jones, an American folk rock musician.

Irish Middle Names for Nora

Some of the most popular Irish middle names that would be a perfect fit for Nora include:

Nora Aisling {Dream; vision}

Nora Aoife {Beauty; radiance}

Nora Bridget {Strength; power}

Nora Brighid {Strength; exalted one}

Nora Dearbhla {Daughter of the poet}

Nora Eilís {Pledged to God}

Nora Eilish {Pledged to God}

Nora Eimear {Swift}

Nora Erin {From the island to the west}

Nora Fiona {Wine}

Nora Grainne {Grain; love}

Nora Kaitlin {Pure}

Nora Kathleen {Pure}

Nora Keelin {Slender and fair; little warrior}

Nora Maeve {Intoxicating}

Nora Mona {little noble one}

Nora Niamh {Bright}

Nora Saoirse {Freedom}

Nora Sorcha {Bright, shining}

Nora Teagan {Little poet; fair}

Nora Tiarnan {Little lord}

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One-Syllable Middle Names for Nora

Nora Ann {Grace}

Nora Anne {Grace}

Nora Belle {Beautiful} ❤️

Nora Blaire {Horse trainer}

Nora Blake {Dark-haired, dark}

Nora Brooke {Small stream}

Nora Claire {Bright, clear}

Nora Clare {Bright, clear}

Nora Dream {Dream, wish, felt, experienced}

Nora Drew {Strong}

Nora Eve {Life}

Nora Faith {To trust}

Nora Faye {Loyalty, belief, faith, fairy}

Nora Grace {Charm, goodness, generosity} ❤️

Nora Gwen {White circle}

Nora Hope {Hope, positive expectation}

Nora Jade {Precious green stone}

Nora Jane {God is gracious}

Nora Joy {Happiness, great pleasure}

Nora June {Young}

Nora Kai {Warrior, keeper of the keys or earth}

Nora Kate {Pure}

Nora Layne {A small roadway or path}

Nora Liv {Life}

Nora Luz {Light}

Nora Reese {Ardor}

Nora Reign {Rule, sovereign}

Nora Rose {A flower}

Nora Ruth {Compassionate friend}

Nora Sage {Wise}

Nora Shay {Stately, gift}

Nora Skye {Sky}

Nora Sloan {Raider}

Nora Sloane {Raider}

Nora Wren {Small bird}

Nora Roux {Russet}

Nora Laine {A small roadway or path}

Nora Blue {Color name, bliss, blossom}

Nora Lynn {Lake}

Two-Syllable Middle Names for Nora

Nora Abby {Father’s joy}

Nora Adele {Noble}

Nora Adley {The Lord is just (Hebrew), heather field (English)}

Nora Alice {Noble}

Nora Amber {Gemstone, sky, from the stone, fierce}

Nora Amy {Beloved}

Nora Andi {strong and manly}

Nora Angel {Angel}

Nora Ansley {From the hermitage field}

Nora Anya {Strength, power}

Nora April {Opening buds of spring}

Nora Ashley {Dweller near the ash tree meadow}

Nora Aspen {Shaking tree}

Nora Astrid {Divinely beautiful}

Nora Aubrey {Elf ruler}

Nora Audrey {Noble, strength}

Nora Autumn {Fall} ❤️

Nora Ava {birdlike, lively}

Nora Bailey {Law enforcer, bailiff}

Nora Baylor {White ring}

Nora Berkley {Birch tree meadow}

Nora Bexley {English place name}

Nora Blakely {Dark wood, clearing}

Nora Bria {Vigour, liveliness}

Nora Bridget {Strength, exalted one}

Nora Brielle {God is my strength}

Nora Bristol {Site of the bridge}

Nora Camille {Young religious attendant}

Nora Capri {Impulsive change of mind}

Nora Carter {Cart maker, driver} ❤️

Nora Celeste {Heavenly}

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Nora Celine {Heavenly}

Nora Chandler {Candlemaker}

Nora Chanel {Dweller near the canal}

Nora Cheyenne {People of a different language}

Nora Chloe {Blooming, fertility}

Nora Christine {Christian}

Nora Daisy {Day’s eye}

Nora Dallas {Skilled}

Nora Danielle {God is my judge}

Nora Denise {Dedicated to God}

Nora Denver {Green valley, from Anvers}

Nora Dylan {Son of the sea}

Nora Harlow {Rock hill, army hill}

Nora Haven {Form of heaven}

Nora Holland {Wooded land}

Nora Hunter {One who hunts}

Nora Janelle {God is merciful}

Nora Jasmine {God’s gift, fragrant flower}

Nora Jordan {Flow down, descend}

Nora Justice {Just, upright, righteous}

Nora Kaitlyn {Pure}

Nora Katherine {Pure}

Nora Kathleen {Pure}

Nora Kendall {Valley of the River Kent}

Nora Kensley {Spring, clear}

Nora Marie {Drop of the sea, bitter, beloved, biblical reference} ❤️

Nora Meadow {Grass, vegetation}

Nora Meghan {Pearl}

Nora Monroe {Mouth of the Roe River}❤️

Nora Morgan {Sea-born, sea-song, sea-circle}

Nora Nevaeh {Heaven spelled backward}

Nora Nicole {People of victory}

Nora Noelle {Christmas}

Nora Oakley {Meadow of oak trees, from the oak tree field}

Nora Paisley {Church}

Nora Paityn {Warrior’s estate}

Nora Palmer {He who holds the palm}

Nora Parker {Park keeper}

Nora Piper {Pipe or flute player}

Nora Raegan {Impulsive, of nobility}

Nora Sawyer {Woodcutter}

Nora Scarlet {Red}

Nora Stormi {Impetuous nature}

Nora Summer {One of the four seasons}

Nora Sutton {From the southern homestead}

Nora Tatum {Tate’s homestead}

Nora Teagan {Beautiful, creative, attractive}

Nora Tenley {Burnt clearing}

Nora Whitney {White island}

Nora Willow {Willow tree, freedom}

Nora Yasmin {Jasmine flower}

Nora Monet {To be heard}

Nora Shalom {Peace}

Nora Doreen {Gift of God}

Three-Syllable Middle Names for Nora

Nora Aaliyah {Exalted}

Nora Abigail {My father is joy}

Nora Adaline {Noble}

Nora Addison {Noble, beautiful inside and out}

Nora Adeline {Noble}

Nora Adrienne {man from Adria}

Nora Aleena {Light, fair}

Nora Alexis {Helper, defender}

Nora Alisha {noble-natured}

Nora Allison {Son of the Noble one}

Nora Alyssa {Noble}

Nora Amaia {High place, end}

Nora Amanda {Lovable, worthy of love}

Nora Amani {Peace}

Nora Amelia {Industriousness, hardworking}

Nora Andrea {Strong and brave}

Nora Annabell {Favored grace}

Nora Annalise {Grace, oath of God}

Nora Aria {Song, melody}

Nora Ariah {Lion of God, song}

Nora Ariel {Lion of God}

Nora Aurora {Dawn}

Nora Avalynn {Beautiful bird}

Nora Bianca {White}

Nora Briana {Strong, virtuous, honorable}

Nora Brianna {Strong, virtuous, honorable}

Nora Camila {Young religious attendant}

Nora Caroline {Free}

Nora Christina {Follower of Christ}

Nora Clarissa {Bright, clear}

Nora Dakota {Friendly one}

Nora Davina {Little dear}

Nora Deborah {Bee}

Nora Delaney {Dark challenger}

Nora Delilah {Delicate}

Nora Destiny {Fate}

Nora Diana {Divine}

Nora Eleanor {Shining light}

Nora Emily {Rival}

Nora Emory {Home strength, industrious leader}

Nora Estella {Star}

Nora Isabelle {Pledged to God}

Nora Ivanna {God is gracious}

Nora Ivory {Pale, white}

Nora Kennedi {Misshapen head}

Nora Liana {To climb like a vine}

Nora Liberty {Freedom}

Nora Mackenzie {Comely, attractive, pleasant to look at}

Nora Madelyn {Woman from Magdala; high tower}

Nora Madison {Son of Matthew}

Nora Makayla {Who is like God}

Nora Makenna {Happy one}

Nora Malia {Calm, peaceful, bitter, the star of the sea}

Nora Mallory {Unfortunate}

Nora Maria {Drop of the sea, bitter, beloved}

Nora Mariah {The Lord is my teacher, drop of the sea, bitter, beloved}

Nora Marina {From the Sea}

Nora Marisol {Mary of Solitude}

Nora Marissa {Drop of the sea, bitter, beloved, famous battle}

Nora Mckinley {Son of the fair hero}

Nora Melanie {Black, dark}

Nora Melissa {Honeybee}

Nora Michaela {Who is like God}

Nora Naomi {Pleasantness}

Nora Natasha {Birthday of the Lord}

Nora Ramona {Wise protector}

Nora Sabrina {From the border, most delightfully, legendary princess}

Nora Sofia {Wisdom}

Nora Sophia {Wisdom}

Nora Vienna {Forest stream, from wine country, the capital of Austria}

Nora Violet {Purple}

Nora Zendaya {To give thanks}

Nora Harper {Harp player} ❤️

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Four-Syllable Middle Names for Nora

Nora Adriana {From Adria}

Nora Alejandra {Defender of mankind}

Nora Alessia {Defending warrior}

Nora Alexandra {One who comes to save warriors}

Nora Anastasia {Resurrection}

Nora Angelica {Angel}

Nora Angelina {Angel}

Nora Arianna {Most holy}

Nora Carolina {Free}

Nora Catalina {Pure}

Nora Cecelia {Blind}

Nora Elizabeth {Pledged to God} ❤️

Nora Giuliana {Youthful, graceful}

Nora Olivia {Olive tree} ❤️

Nora Penelope {Weaver} ❤️

Nora Tatiana {Fairy Queen}

Nora Theodora {Gift of God}

Nora Valentina {Strength, health}

Nicknames for Nora

Below are the most popular nicknames for Nora:

  • Ellie
  • Nellie
  • Nelly
  • Nor
  • Nori
  • Nory
  • Nori Nori

Final Thoughts

We hope this list of middle names for Nora has given you some inspiration and helped you narrow down your choices. Remember, the most important thing is to choose a name that you and your partner love. Good luck!

Below are our top ten favorites:

  • Nora Belle
  • Nora Elizabeth
  • Nora Grace
  • Nora Olivia
  • Nora Penelope
  • Nora Harper
  • Nora Autumn
  • Nora Carter
  • Nora Marie
  • Nora Monroe


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