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277+ Beautiful Best Middle Names for Evelyn: A Complete Guide

If you are looking for the best middle name for your daughter Evelyn, you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled an amazing list of the top middle names for Evelyn.

No matter what kind of name you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

But first, here are our top ten favorites. Be sure to scroll down and read the entire list for even more great ideas.

  • Evelyn Belle
  • Evelyn Blake
  • Evelyn Claire
  • Evelyn Drew
  • Evelyn Faith
  • Evelyn Grace
  • Evelyn Bella
  • Evelyn Carter
  • Evelyn Marie
  • Evelyn Monroe

Note: We have included each middle name’s meaning and have marked our top favorites with a ❤️ to help you locate them easily.

About the Name Evelyn

Evelyn is a beautiful three-syllable name of French origin that means “desired” or “wishful.” Evelyn is a very popular female name these days, and it is considered an elegant choice for a little girl.

It was ranked as the 9th most popular girl’s baby name in 2021, according to the Social Security Administration.

Without further ado, here are our top 10 picks for middle names to go with Evelyn:

Spanish Missle Names for Evelyn

Evelyn Adriana {From Adria}

Evelyn Ainhoa {Place name)

Evelyn Aitana {Place name)

Evelyn Alejandra {Defender of mankind}

Evelyn Alma {nurturing, soul}

Evelyn Ana {Grace}

Evelyn Andrea {Strong and brav}

Evelyn Angela {Angel}

Evelyn Angie {Angel}

Evelyn Anita {Grace; unguided}

Evelyn Araceli {Altar of the sky}

Evelyn Ariadna {Most holy}

Evelyn Camila {Young religious attendant}

Evelyn Carla {free man}

Evelyn Carolina {Free}

Evelyn Celia {Heavenly}

Evelyn Clara {Bright, clear}

Evelyn Cristina {Follower of Christ}

Evelyn Daniela {God is my judge}

Evelyn Elena {Bright, shining light}

Evelyn Elsa {Pledged to God}

Evelyn Emilia {Excel}

Evelyn Francisca {Free man}

Evelyn Guadalupe {Hidden river, valley of the wolves}

Evelyn Isabel {Pledged to God}

Evelyn Josephine {Jehovah increases}

Evelyn Juana {God is gracious}

Evelyn Julia {Youthful}

Evelyn Leticia {Joy, gladness}

Evelyn Lola {Lady of sorrows}

Evelyn Lucía {Light}

Evelyn Luz {Light}

Evelyn Maite {Beloved}

Evelyn Manuela {God is with us}

Evelyn Marcela {Young Warrior)

Evelyn Margarita {Pearl, daisy}

Evelyn María {Drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved}

Evelyn Marisol {Mary of Solitude}

Evelyn Martina {Warlike}

Evelyn Mercedes {Gracious gifts, benefits}

Evelyn Mía {Mine}

Evelyn Natalia {Birthday of the Lord}

Evelyn Olivia {Olive tree}

Evelyn Paula {Small}

Evelyn Raquel {Innocent}

Evelyn Rocío {Dewdrops}

Evelyn Rosa [Rose, a flower}

Evelyn Salma {Safe}

Evelyn Sara {Princess}

Evelyn Silvana {Of the forest}

Evelyn Silvia {From the woods}

Evelyn Sofía (Wisdom)

Evelyn Valentina {Strength, health}

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One-Syllable Middle Names for Evelyn

Evelyn Belle {Beautiful} ❤️

Evelyn Blair {Plain, meadow, field}

Evelyn Blaire {Horse trainer}

Evelyn Blake {Dark-haired, dark} ❤️

Evelyn Brooke {Small stream}

Evelyn Brynn {Hill}

Evelyn Claire {Bright, clear} ❤️

Evelyn Clare {Bright, clear}

Evelyn Dream {Dream, wish, felt, experienced}

Evelyn Drew {Strong} ❤️

Evelyn Elle {She}

Evelyn Faith {To trust} ❤️

Evelyn Grace {Charm, goodness, generosity} ❤️

Evelyn Gwen {White circle}

Evelyn Hope {Hope, positive expectation}

Evelyn Jade {Precious green stone}

Evelyn Jane {God is gracious}

Evelyn Joy {Happiness, great pleasure}

Evelyn June {Young}

Evelyn Kai {Warrior, keeper of the keys or earth}

Evelyn Kate {Pure}

Evelyn Mae {Goddess of springtime, warmth}

Evelyn Queen {Female royal}

Evelyn Quinn {Wise, intelligent, counsel}

Evelyn Reese {Ardor}

Evelyn Rose {A flower}

Evelyn Ruth {Compassionate friend}

Evelyn Sage {Wise}

Evelyn Shay {Stately, gift}

Evelyn Skye {Sky}

Evelyn Sloan {Raider}

Evelyn Sloane {Raider}

Evelyn Roux {Russet}

Evelyn Blue {Color name, bliss, blossom}

Two-Syllable Middle Names for Evelyn

Evelyn Adele {Noble}

Evelyn Adley {The Lord is just (Hebrew), heather field (English)}

Evelyn Aileen {Bright, shining light}

Evelyn Aisha {She who lives}

Evelyn Amber {Gemstone, sky, from the stone, fierce}

Evelyn Amy {Beloved}

Evelyn Andi {strong and manly}

Evelyn Angel {Angel}

Evelyn Angie {Angel}

Evelyn Anna {Grace}

Evelyn April {Opening buds of spring}

Evelyn Arden {Great forest, high, from Eagle Valley}

Evelyn Ashley {Dweller near the ash tree meadow}

Evelyn Astrid {Divinely beautiful}

Evelyn Aubrey {Elf ruler}

Evelyn Autumn {Fall}

Evelyn Bailey {Law enforcer, bailiff}

Evelyn Baylor {White ring}

Evelyn Bella {Beautiful} ❤️

Evelyn Berkley {Birch tree meadow}

Evelyn Bexley {English place name}

Evelyn Blakely {Dark wood, clearing}

Evelyn Bonnie {Beautiful, cheerful}

Evelyn Bria {Vigour, liveliness}

Evelyn Bridget {Strength, exalted one}

Evelyn Brielle {God is my strength}

Evelyn Bristol {Site of the bridge}

Evelyn Cali {Beautiful}

Evelyn Camille {Young religious attendant}

Evelyn Capri {Impulsive change of mind}

Evelyn Cara {Dear}

Evelyn Carly {Freeman}

Evelyn Carmen {Garden}

Evelyn Carter {Cart maker, driver} ❤️

Evelyn Casey {Brave in battle}

Evelyn Celeste {Heavenly}

Evelyn Celia {Heavenly}

Evelyn Celine {Heavenly}

Evelyn Chandler {Candlemaker}

Evelyn Chanel {Dweller near the canal}

Evelyn Charlee {Free}

Evelyn Chelsea {Chalk landing place}

Evelyn Cheyenne {People of a different language}

Evelyn Chloe {Blooming, fertility}

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Evelyn Christine {Christian}

Evelyn Colette {People of victory}

Evelyn Corinne {Maiden}

Evelyn Daisy {Day’s eye}

Evelyn Dallas {Skilled}

Evelyn Dana {From Denmark, gift, wise}

Evelyn Dani {God is my judge}

Evelyn Danielle {God is my judge}

Evelyn Danna {From Denmark, gift, wise}

Evelyn Daphne {Laurel tree, bay tree}

Evelyn Demi {Half}

Evelyn Denise {Dedicated to God}

Evelyn Denver {Green valley, from Anvers}

Evelyn Dylan {Son of the sea}

Evelyn Georgia {Farmer}

Evelyn Gia {God’s gracious gift}

Evelyn Giselle {Pledge}

Evelyn Hadley {Heather field}

Evelyn Hailey {Heather field}

Evelyn Hannah {Favor, grace}

Evelyn Harlow {Rock hill, army hill}

Evelyn Hazel {Hazelnut tree, brown}

Evelyn Heidi {Noble, nobility}

Evelyn Holland {Wooded land}

Evelyn Holly {Holly tree (with red berries)}

Evelyn Hunter {One who hunts}

Evelyn Janelle {God is merciful}

Evelyn Jenna {White shadow, white wave}

Evelyn Joelle {Jehovah is his God}

Evelyn Jolene {Pretty}

Evelyn Jordan {Flow down, descend}

Evelyn Judith {She will be praised, woman of Judea}

Evelyn Julia {Youthful}

Evelyn Justice {Just, upright, righteous}

Evelyn Kaia {To rejoice, sea}

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Two-Syllable Middle Names for Evelyn Continued

Evelyn Kaitlyn {Pure}

Evelyn Kara {Beloved, dear, wild stormy one, Pure}

Evelyn Katie {Pure}

Evelyn Kayla {Laurel, crown}

Evelyn Kelly {War}

Evelyn Kelsey {Cenel’s Island}

Evelyn Kendall {Valley of the River Kent}

Evelyn Kendra {Knowing}

Evelyn Kensley {Spring, clear}

Evelyn Kenzie {Short form of Mackenzie}

Evelyn Khloe {Young green shoot}

Evelyn Kinsley {King’s meadow}

Evelyn Kylie {Beautiful, graceful}

Evelyn Laila {Of the night}

Evelyn Laurel {Laurel tree}

Evelyn Lauren {Bay laurel, victory}

Evelyn Layla {Night, dark}

Evelyn Leah {Delicate, weary}

Evelyn Lexi {Defender of man}

Evelyn Lila {Night, beauty}

Evelyn Lola {Lady of sorrows}

Evelyn London {From the great river}

Evelyn Macie {Weapon, hill}

Evelyn Maia {Mother}

Evelyn Marie {Drop of the sea, bitter, beloved, biblical reference}❤️

Evelyn Margot {Pearl}

Evelyn Marley {Pleasant seaside meadow}

Evelyn Maxine {Greatest}

Evelyn Meadow {Grass, vegetation}

Evelyn Meghan {Pearl}

Evelyn Micah {Who is like the Lord}

Evelyn Michelle {Who is like God}

Evelyn Mila {Gracious, dear}

Evelyn Milan {Gracious, dear}

Evelyn Molly {Star of the sea in Irish, bitter in Hebrew}

Evelyn Monroe {Mouth of the Roe River} ❤️

Evelyn Nicole {People of victory}

Evelyn Noah {Motion}

Evelyn Noelle {Christmas}

Evelyn Nova {New}

Evelyn Oakley {Meadow of oak trees, from the oak tree field}

Evelyn Paisley {Church}

Evelyn Palmer {He who holds the palm}

Evelyn Penny {Weaver}

Evelyn Phoenix {Dark red, crimson, rebirth, immortality}

Evelyn Piper {Pipe or flute player}

Evelyn Promise {Pledge, vow}

Evelyn Rachel {Ewe}

Evelyn Raegan {Impulsive, of nobility}

Evelyn Raina {Queen}

Evelyn Renee {Reborn}

Evelyn Rosie {Rose}

Evelyn Ruby {Deep red precious stone}

Evelyn Ryan {Little king}

Evelyn Ryder {Post messenger, cavalryman}

Evelyn Sadie {Princess}

Evelyn Sandra {Protector of men}

Evelyn Sawyer {Woodcutter}

Evelyn Saylor {Acrobat, dancer}

Evelyn Scarlet {Red}

Evelyn Selene {Moon goddess}

Evelyn Simone {Hearkening}

Evelyn Sophie {Wisdom}

Evelyn Stella {Star}

Evelyn Stormi {Impetuous nature}

Evelyn Summer {One of the four seasons}

Evelyn Sunny {Bright, bubbly, and cheerful}

Evelyn Sutton {From the southern homestead}

Evelyn Sydney {Saint Denis (French), Wide meadow (English)}

Evelyn Sylvie {From the forest}

Evelyn Tatum {Tate’s homestead}

Evelyn Teagan {Beautiful, creative, attractive}

Evelyn Tenley {Burnt clearing}

Evelyn Tessa {To reap, to gather}

Evelyn Thea {Goddess, godly}

Evelyn Tinsley {Tynni’s meadow}

Evelyn Tori {Bird}

Evelyn Wendy {Friend}

Evelyn Whitney {White island}

Evelyn Willow {Willow tree, freedom}

Evelyn Yasmin {Jasmine flower}

Evelyn Zahra {Flower}

Evelyn Zhuri {Good, beautiful}

Evelyn Zoe {Life}

Evelyn Zuri {Beautiful}

Evelyn Monet {To be heard}

Three-Syllable Middle Names for Evelyn

Evelyn Aleena {Light, fair}

Evelyn Alexis {Helper, defender}

Evelyn Alicia {Noble natured}

Evelyn Alina {light}

Evelyn Alyssa {Noble}

Evelyn Amaia {High place, end}

Evelyn Amanda {Lovable, worthy of love}

Evelyn Amani {Peace}

Evelyn Amelia {Industriousness, hardworking}

Evelyn Andrea {Strong and brave}

Evelyn Anika {Sweetness of face}

Evelyn Annabell {Favored grace}

Evelyn Annalise {Grace, oath of God}

Evelyn Aria {Song, melody}

Evelyn Ariah {Lion of God, song}

Evelyn Aurora {Dawn}

Evelyn Barbara {Foreign woman}

Evelyn Beatrice {Wealthy}

Evelyn Bianca {White}

Evelyn Briana {Strong, virtuous, honorable}

Evelyn Brittany {From Britain}

Evelyn Camila {Young religious attendant}

Evelyn Christina {Follower of Christ}

Evelyn Dakota {Friendly one}

Evelyn Davina {Little dear}

Evelyn Delilah {Delicate}

Evelyn Diana {Divine}

Evelyn Elaina {Bright, shining light}

Evelyn Emani {Faith }

Evelyn Fiona {White, fair}

Evelyn Gianna {The Lord is gracious}

Evelyn Imani {Faith, belief}

Evelyn India {Indian land, beyond the Indus River}

Evelyn Isabel {Pledged to God}

Evelyn Ivanna {God is gracious}

Evelyn Ivory {Pale, white}

Evelyn Jessica {Vision, sight}

Evelyn Joanna {God is gracious}

Evelyn Leilani {Heavenly flower}

Evelyn Leona {Lioness}

Evelyn Maria {Drop of the sea, bitter, beloved}

Evelyn Marisol {Mary of Solitude}

Evelyn Marissa {Drop of the sea, bitter, beloved, famous battle}

Evelyn Melissa {Honeybee}

Evelyn Milani {From Milan}

Evelyn Ramona {Wise protector}

Evelyn Rebecca {To tie, bind}

Evelyn Regina {Queen}

Evelyn Siena {Reddish Brown}

Evelyn Sofia {Wisdom}

Evelyn Sophia {Wisdom}

Evelyn Sylvia {From the forest}

Evelyn Talia {Gentle dew from heaven, by the water}

Evelyn Teresa {To Harvest}

Evelyn Violet {Purple}

Evelyn Harper {Harp player}

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Four-Syllable Middle Names for Evelyn

Evelyn Adriana {From Adria}

Evelyn Alejandra {Defender of mankind}

Evelyn Cecelia {Blind}

Evelyn Liliana {Lily, a flower}

Evelyn Olivia {Olive tree}

Evelyn Penelope {Weaver}

Evelyn Tatiana {Fairy Queen}

Nicknames for Evelyn

Below are the most popular nicknames for Evelyn:

  • Ava
  • E
  • Ellie
  • Eva
  • Eve
  • Evie
  • Lynn
  • Lina

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many beautiful middle names to choose from to go with Evelyn. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for your little girl.

Ultimately, choosing a name that you and your partner love is the most important thing!

Again, here are our top 10 picks for the best middle names for Evelyn:

  • Evelyn Belle
  • Evelyn Blake
  • Evelyn Claire
  • Evelyn Drew
  • Evelyn Faith
  • Evelyn Grace
  • Evelyn Bella
  • Evelyn Carter
  • Evelyn Marie
  • Evelyn Monroe


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