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271 Beautiful Middle Names for Harper You Will Love

Congratulations on deciding to name your daughter Harper! Such a beautiful name!

If you’re struggling to find the perfect middle name for your daughter Harper, look no further. We have compiled a list of the best middle names to choose from.

In a hurry? Below are our top favorites. Be sure to read the entire article for the complete list.

  • Harper Elizabeth
  • Harper Marie
  • Harper Monroe
  • Harper Olivia
  • Harper Simone
  • Harper Monet
  • Harper Amelia
  • Harper Grace
  • Harper Skye
  • Harper Sloane

Note: We have included each middle name’s meaning and have marked our top favorites with a ❤️ to help you locate them easily.

About The Name Harper

Harper is a beautiful three-syllable name of English, Scottish and Irish origin. The name has a timeless feel to it and is popular among many families these days.

I love the name Harper because it just feels like such a classic name. Many people love the uniqueness and elegance of Harper as a name, and there are many middle names that would go well with this pretty moniker.

So without further ado, let’s kick off our list of the best middle names!

One-Syllable Middle Names for Harper

Harper Ann {Grace}

Harper Belle {Beautiful}

Harper Blair {Plain, meadow, field}

Harper Blaire {Horse trainer}

Harper Blake {Dark-haired, dark}

Harper Brooke {Small stream}

Harper Brynn {Hill}

Harper Claire {Bright, clear}

Harper Clare {Bright, clear}

Harper Dream {Dream, wish, felt, experienced}

Harper Drew {Strong}

Harper Faith {To trust}

Harper Faye {Loyalty, belief, faith, fairy}

Harper Grace {Charm, goodness, generosity} ❤️

Harper Gwen {White circle}

Harper Jade {Precious green stone}

Harper Jane {God is gracious}

Harper Joy {Happiness, great pleasure}

Harper June {Young}

Harper Kai {Warrior, keeper of the keys or earth}

Harper Kate {Pure}

Harper Layne {A small roadway or path}

Harper Liv {Life}

Harper Quinn {Wise, intelligent, counsel}

Harper Reese {Ardor}

Harper Reign {Rule, sovereign}

Harper Rose {A flower}

Harper Ruth {Compassionate friend}

Harper Sage {Wise}

Harper Shay {Stately, gift}

Harper Skye {Sky} ❤️

Harper Sloan {Raider}

Harper Sloane {Raider} ❤️

Harper Wren {Small bird}

Harper Roux {Russet}

Harper Laine {A small roadway or path}

Harper Blue {Color name, bliss, blossom}

Harper Lynn {Lake}

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Two-Syllable Middle Names for Harper

Harper Adele {Noble}

Harper Adley {The Lord is just (Hebrew), heather field (English)}

Harper Aileen {Bright, shining light}

Harper Ainsley {One’s own meadow}

Harper Aisha {She who lives}

Harper Andi {strong and manly}

Harper Angel {Angel}

Harper Ansley {From the hermitage field}

Harper April {Opening buds of spring}

Harper Arden {Great forest, high, from Eagle Valley}

Harper Ashley {Dweller near the ash tree meadow}

Harper Astrid {Divinely beautiful}

Harper Aubrey {Elf ruler}

Harper Audrey {Noble, strength}

Harper Autumn {Fall}

Harper Bailey {Law enforcer, bailiff}

Harper Baylee {English place name}

Harper Bella {Beautiful}

Harper Berkley {Birch tree meadow}

Harper Blakely {Dark wood, clearing}

Harper Bridget {Strength, exalted one}

Harper Brielle {God is my strength}

Harper Bristol {Site of the bridge}

Harper Brooklyn {Place name}

Harper Cali {Beautiful}

Harper Camille {Young religious attendant}

Harper Capri {Impulsive change of mind}

Harper Carmen {Garden}

Harper Carter {Cart maker, driver}

Harper Casey {Brave in battle}

Harper Celeste {Heavenly}

Harper Celine {Heavenly}

Harper Chandler {Candlemaker}

Harper Chanel {Dweller near the canal}

Harper Chelsea {Chalk landing place}

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Harper Cheyenne {People of a different language}

Harper Chloe {Blooming, fertility}

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Harper Christine {Christian}

Harper Corinne {Maiden}

Harper Daisy {Day’s eye}

Harper Dallas {Skilled}

Harper Danielle {God is my judge}

Harper Demi {Half}

Harper Denise {Dedicated to God}

Harper Denver {Green valley, from Anvers}

Harper Dylan {Son of the sea}

Harper Eden {Place of pleasure, delight}

Harper Edith {Prosperous in war}

Harper Eileen {Desired, water, island}

Harper Elaine {Bright, shining light}

Harper Ella {Goddess, fairy maiden}

Harper Ellis {Benevolent}

Harper Emma {Universal}

Harper Estelle {Star}

Harper Fallon {Leader}

Harper Finley {Fair-haired hero}

Harper Georgia {Farmer}

Harper Giselle {Pledge}

Harper Hadley {Heather field}

Harper Hailey {Heather field}

Harper Hannah {Favor, grace}

Harper Harlow {Rock hill, army hill}

Harper Haven {Form of heaven}

Harper Hayden {Valley, fire}

Harper Heaven {Heaven}

Harper Helen {Torch}

Harper Holland {Wooded land}

Harper Janelle {God is merciful}

Harper Jasmine {God’s gift, fragrant flower}

Harper Joelle {Jehovah is his God}

Harper Jolene {Pretty}

Harper Jordan {Flow down, descend}

Harper Judith {She will be praised, woman of Judea}

Harper Justice {Just, upright, righteous}

Harper Kaia {To rejoice, sea}

Harper Kaitlyn {Pure}

Harper Katherine {Pure}

Harper Kathleen {Pure}

Harper Katie {Pure}

Harper Kayla {Laurel, crown}

Harper Kelly {War}

Harper Kelsey {Cenel’s Island}

Harper Kendall {Valley of the River Kent}

Harper Kendra {Knowing}

Harper Kensley {Spring, clear}

Harper Kenzie {Short form of Mackenzie}

Harper Khloe {Young green shoot}

Harper Kinsley {King’s meadow}

Harper Kylie {Beautiful, graceful}

Harper Lacey {From Lassy}

Harper Laila {Of the night}

Harper Laurel {Laurel tree}

Harper Layla {Night, dark}

Harper Lina {Tender}

Harper Linda {Pretty}

Harper Lisa {Pledged to God}

Harper Logan {Small hollow}

Harper Louise {Renowned warrior}

Harper Lucille {Light}

Harper Luisa {Renowned warrior}

Harper Luna {Moon goddess}

Harper Lyla {Night, dark}

Harper Maia {Mother}

Harper Marie {Drop of the sea, bitter, beloved, biblical reference} ❤️

Harper Marley {Pleasant seaside meadow}

Harper Maxine {Greatest}

Harper Meadow {Grass, vegetation}

Harper Meghan {Pearl}

Harper Michelle {Who is like God}

Harper Milan {Gracious, dear}

Harper Monroe {Mouth of the Roe River} ❤️

Harper Morgan {Sea-born, sea-song, sea-circle}

Harper Nevaeh {Heaven spelled backward}

Harper Nicole {People of victory}

Harper Noah {Motion}

Harper Noelle {Christmas}

Harper Nora {Honor; shining light}

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Harper Nova {New}

Harper Oakley {Meadow of oak trees, from the oak tree field}

Harper Raegan {Impulsive, of nobility}

Harper Sadie {Princess}

Harper Sawyer {Woodcutter}

Harper Scarlet {Red}

Harper Selene {Moon goddess}

Harper Simone {Hearkening} ❤️

Harper Stormi {Impetuous nature}

Harper Sydney {Saint Denis (French), Wide meadow (English)}

Harper Tatum {Tate’s homestead}

Harper Teagan {Beautiful, creative, attractive}

Harper Tenley {Burnt clearing}

Harper Tinsley {Tynni’s meadow}

Harper Whitney {White island}

Harper Willow {Willow tree, freedom}

Harper Yasmin {Jasmine flower}

Harper Zoe {Life}

Harper Monet {To be heard}❤️

Three-Syllable Middle Names for Harper

Harper Aaliyah {Exalted}

Harper Abigail {My father is joy}

Harper Addison {Noble, beautiful inside and out}

Harper Adeline {Noble}

Harper Adrienne {man from Adria}

Harper Aleena {Light, fair}

Harper Alexis {Helper, defender}

Harper Alicia {Noble natured}

Harper Allison {Son of the Noble one}

Harper Alyssa {Noble}

Harper Amaia {High place, end}

Harper Amanda {Lovable, worthy of love}

Harper Amani {Peace}

Harper Amelia {Industriousness, hardworking} ❤️

Harper Andrea {Strong and brave}

Harper Anika {Sweetness of face}

Harper Annabell {Favored grace}

Harper Annalise {Grace, oath of God}

Harper Aria {Song, melody}

Harper Ariah {Lion of God, song}

Harper Aurora {Dawn}

Harper Bianca {White}

Harper Briana {Strong, virtuous, honorable}

Harper Brittany {From Britain}

Harper Cameron {Noble}

Harper Camila {Young religious attendant}

Harper Cassandra {Shining, excelling}

Harper Cassidy {Curly-haired}

Harper Catherine {Pure}

Harper Christina {Follower of Christ}

Harper Clarissa {Bright, clear}

Harper Claudia {Enclosure}

Harper Dakota {Friendly one}

Harper Davina {Little dear}

Harper Deborah {Bee}

Harper Delaney {Dark challenger}

Harper Delilah {Delicate}

Harper Destiny {Fate}

Harper Diana {Divine}

Harper Dorothy {Gift of God}

Harper Eleanor {Shining light}

Harper Eloise {Healthy, wide}

Harper Emani {Faith }

Harper Emily {Rival}

Harper Estella {Star}

Harper Fiona {White, fair}

Harper Francesca {From France, free}

Harper Gabrielle {God is my strength}

Harper Genevieve {Woman of the family or race}

Harper Gianna {The Lord is gracious}

Harper Isabelle {Pledged to God}

Harper Juliet {Youthful}

Harper Kennedi {Misshapen head}

Harper Kennedy {Helmeted chief}

Harper Leanna {Beautiful woman, light}

Harper Leona {Lioness}

Harper Liberty {Freedom}

Harper Mackenzie {Comely, attractive, pleasant to look at}

Harper Madelyn {Woman from Magdala; high tower}

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Harper Madison {Son of Matthew}

Harper Makayla {Who is like God}

Harper Makenna {Happy one}

Harper Malia {Calm, peaceful, bitter, the star of the sea}

Harper Mallory {Unfortunate}

Harper Maria {Drop of the sea, bitter, beloved}

Harper Marina {From the Sea}

Harper Marisol {Mary of Solitude}

Harper Marissa {Drop of the sea, bitter, beloved, famous battle}

Harper Mckinley {Son of the fair hero}

Harper Meredith {Great ruler}

Harper Michaela {Who is like God}

Harper Milani {From Milan}

Harper Miranda {Marvelous}

Harper Natasha {Birthday of the Lord}

Harper Ramona {Wise protector}

Harper Selena {Moon goddess}

Harper Sofia {Wisdom}

Harper Sophia {Wisdom}

Harper Soraya {Pleiades constellation}

Harper Vanessa {Butterfly}

Harper Vienna {Forest stream, from wine country, the capital of Austria}

Harper Violet {Purple}

Harper Zendaya {To give thanks}

Four-Syllable Middle Names for Harper

Harper Adriana {From Adria}

Harper Alessia {Defending warrior}

Harper Alexandra {One who comes to save warriors}

Harper Anastasia {Resurrection}

Harper Angelica {Angel}

Harper Angelina {Angel}

Harper Arianna {Most holy}

Harper Catalina {Pure}

Harper Elizabeth {Pledged to God} ❤️

Harper Juliana {Youthful}

Harper Liliana {Lily, a flower}

Harper Olivia {Olive tree} ❤️

● Harper Tatiana {Fairy Queen}

Nicknames for Harper

Below are some commonly used nicknames for Harper:

  • Har
  • Harp
  • Harpey
  • Harpley
  • Harpy
  • Arpey
  • Happy

Final Thoughts

Picking the perfect middle name for your little girl can be challenging, but we hope this list has given you some inspiration.

Below are our favorite middle names for Harper:

Harper Elizabeth
Harper Marie
Harper Monroe
Harper Olivia
Harper Simone
Harper Monet
Harper Amelia
Harper Grace
Harper Skye
Harper Sloane


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