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300+ Pretty Middle Names for Penelope You Will Love (2022)

Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! Penelope is such a beautiful name!

Now it’s time to choose a middle name for your precious daughter, and we’ve got some great suggestions. We have rounded up the best middle names for Penelope, so you can pick the perfect one for your little girl.

Penelope is such a classic and beautiful name, and it pairs well with a variety of middle names. Whether you are looking for a traditional middle name, a modern middle name, or even something unique and unexpected, we’ve got you covered.

In a hurry? Below are our top 11 picks. Be sure to read the entire article for more suggestions.

  • Penelope Rose: This classic combo is perfect for a feminine little girl.
  • Penelope Grace: A pretty and elegant name for your daughter.
  • Penelope Mae: A sweet and simple middle name for your baby girl.
  • Penelope Ann: A timeless option for your daughter’s middle name.
  • Penelope Jane: A classic middle name that is perfect for a little girl.
  • Penelope Faith: A beautiful and meaningful middle name for your daughter.
  • Penelope Belle: A gorgeous middle name for your little princess.
  • Penelope Quinn: A modern and stylish middle name for your baby girl.
  • Penelope Skye: A beautiful and unique middle name for your daughter.
  • Penelope Elizabeth: A classic and beautiful middle name for your daughter.
  • Penelope Alexis: A beautiful and unique middle name for your daughter.

Note: We have included each middle name’s meaning and ranking (popularity) and have marked our favorites with a ❤️ to help you locate them easily.

About the Name Penelope

The name Penelope is of Greek origin and means “weaver.” It is a popular name worldwide, and it ranked number 23 for girls in the United States in 2021.

Since 2013, Penelope has been in the top 100 names for girls in the US, according to data from the Social Security Administration.

Penelope is also the most popular name for girls starting with a “P.”

You can thank all the notable celebrities that choose to name their daughters Penelope.

Below are some notable women who share the name:

  • Penelope Cruz, Academy Award-winning actress
  • Penelope Pitstop, a cartoon character from The Wacky Races
  • Penelope, a character from The Odyssey
  • Penelope Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter.

One-Syllable Middle Names for Penelope

Penelope Ann (Meaning: Grace; Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope Anne (Meaning: Grace; Popularity  588)

Penelope Belle (Meaning: Beautiful; Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope Blair (Meaning: Plain, meadow, field; Popularity: 315)

Penelope Blaire (Meaning: Horse trainer; Popularity: 641)

Penelope Blake (Meaning: Dark-haired, dark; Popularity: 199)

Penelope Brooke (Meaning: Small stream; Popularity: 259)

Penelope Brynn (Meaning: Hill; Popularity: 362)

Penelope Claire (Meaning: Bright, clear; Popularity: 59)

Penelope Clare (Meaning: Bright, clear; Popularity  834)

Penelope Dream (Meaning: Dream, wish, felt, experienced; Popularity: 351)

Penelope Drew (Meaning: Strong; Popularity: 815)

Penelope Elle (Meaning: She; Popularity: 357)

Penelope Eve (Meaning: Life; Popularity: 485)

Penelope Faith (Meaning: To trust; Popularity: 169)

Penelope Faye (Meaning: Loyalty, belief, faith, fairy; Popularity: 607)

Penelope Grace (Meaning: Charm, goodness, generosity; Popularity: 34)

Penelope Gwen (Meaning: White circle; Popularity: 855)

Penelope Hope (Meaning: Hope, positive expectation; Popularity: 229)

Penelope Kai (Meaning: Warrior, keeper of the keys or earth; Popularity: 770)

Penelope Kate (Meaning: Pure; Popularity: 413)

Penelope Layne (Meaning: A small roadway or path; Popularity: 828)

Penelope Liv (Meaning: Life; Popularity: 686)

Penelope Mae (Meaning: Goddess of Springtime, warmth; Popularity: 505)

Penelope Quinn (Meaning: Wise, intelligent, counsel; Popularity: 80)

Penelope Reese (Meaning: Ardor; Popularity: 147)

Penelope Reign (Meaning: Rule, sovereign; Popularity: 349)

Penelope Rose (Meaning: A flower; Popularity: 116)

Penelope Ruth (Meaning: Compassionate friend; Popularity: 189)

Penelope Sage (Meaning: Wise; Popularity: 179)

Penelope Shay (Meaning: Stately, gift; Popularity: 903)

Penelope Skye (Meaning: Sky; Popularity: 429)

Penelope Sloan (Meaning: Raider; Popularity: 574)

Penelope Sloane (Meaning: Raider; Popularity: 143)

Penelope Wren (Meaning: Small bird; Popularity: 251)

Penelope Roux (Meaning: Russet; Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope Laine (Meaning: A small roadway or path; Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope Blue (Meaning: Color name, bliss, blossom; Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope Lynn (Meaning: Lake; Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope Queen (Meaning: Royal female; Popularity: Not ranking)

Two-Syllable Middle Names for Penelope

Penelope Abby (Meaning: Father’s joy; Popularity: 575)

Penelope Adele (Meaning: Noble; Popularity: 814)

Penelope Adley (Meaning: The Lord is just (Hebrew), in English, heather field (English); Popularity: 508)

Penelope Ainsley (Meaning: One’s own meadow; Popularity: 363)

Penelope Amy (Meaning: Beloved; Popularity: 188)

Penelope Angel (Meaning: Angel; Popularity: 491)

Penelope Angie (Meaning: Angel; Popularity: 724)

Penelope Anna (Meaning: Grace; Popularity: 84)

Penelope Annie (Meaning: Grace; Popularity: 230)

Penelope Ansley (Meaning: From The hermitage field; Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope April (Meaning: Opening buds of spring; Popularity: 520)

Penelope Allie (Meaning: Supreme, exalted; Popularity: 411)

Penelope Amber (Meaning: Gemstone, sky, from the stone, fierce; Popularity: 534)

Penelope Aspen (Meaning: Shaking tree; Popularity: 201)

Penelope Astrid (Meaning: Divinely beautiful; Popularity: 438)

Penelope Aubree (Meaning: elf ruler; Popularity: 190)

Penelope Aubrey (Meaning: Elf ruler; Popularity: 65)

Penelope Audrey (Meaning: Noble, strength; Popularity: 60)

Penelope Autumn (Meaning: Fall; Popularity: 66)

Penelope Ava (Meaning: birdlike, lively; Popularity: 5)

Penelope Bailey (Meaning: Law enforcer, bailiff; Popularity: 162)

Penelope Baylee (Meaning: Law enforcer, bailiff; Popularity: 768)

Penelope Baylor (Meaning: One who delivers goods; Popularity: 894)

Penelope Bella (Meaning: Beautiful; Popularity: 73)

Penelope Berkley (Meaning: Birch tree meadow; Popularity: 793)

Penelope Blakely (Meaning: Dark wood, clearing; Popularity: 154)

Penelope Bonnie (Meaning: Beautiful, cheerful; Popularity: 513)

Penelope Bria (Meaning: Vigour, liveliness; Popularity: 790)

Penelope Brielle (Meaning: Hunting grounds; Popularity: 118)

Penelope Bristol (Meaning: Site of the bridge; Popularity: 451)

Penelope Cali (Meaning: Beautiful; Popularity: 337)

Penelope Camille (Meaning: Young ceremonial attendant; Popularity: 281)

Penelope Capri (Meaning: Impulsive change of mind; Popularity: 624)

Penelope Cara (Meaning: Dear, friend, face, Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope Carly (Meaning: Freeman; Popularity: 663)

Penelope Carmen (Meaning: Garden; Popularity: 437)

Penelope Carter (Meaning: Cart maker or driver; Popularity: 500)

Penelope Casey (Meaning: Brave in battle; Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope Celeste (Meaning: Heavenly; Popularity: 322)

Penelope Celine (Meaning: Heavenly; Popularity: 390)

Penelope Chandler (Meaning: Candlemaker; Popularity: 889)

Penelope Chanel (Meaning: Dweller near the canal; Popularity: 833)

Penelope Christine (Meaning: Christian; Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope Daisy (Meaning: Day’s eye; Popularity: 134)

Penelope Dallas (Meaning: Skilled; Popularity: 635)

Penelope Dana (Meaning: From Denmark, gift, wise; Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope Danna (Meaning: From Denmark, gift, wise; Popularity: 369)

Penelope Dani (Meaning: God is my judge; Popularity: 736)

Penelope Danielle (Meaning: God is my judge; Popularity: 443)

Penelope Demi (Meaning: Half; Popularity: 366)

Penelope Denise (Meaning: Delicate; Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope Denver (Meaning: Green valley, from Anvers; Popularity: 776)

Penelope Eden (Meaning: Place of pleasure, delight; Popularity: 121)

Penelope Eileen (Meaning: Desired, water, island; Popularity: 673)

Penelope Ella (Meaning: Goddess, fairy maiden; Popularity: 16)

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Penelope Ellie (Meaning: Bright shining one; Popularity: 30)

Penelope Ellis (Meaning: Benevolent; Popularity: 594)

Penelope Emma (Meaning: Universal; Popularity: 2)

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Penelope Estelle (Meaning: Star; Popularity: 744)

Penelope Eva (Meaning: Life; Popularity: 93)

Penelope Fallon (Meaning: Leader; Popularity: 725)

Penelope Finley (Meaning: Fair-haired hero; Popularity: 211)

Penelope Georgia (Meaning: Farmer; Popularity: 165)

Penelope Gia (Meaning: God’s gracious gift; Popularity: 278)

Penelope Giselle (Meaning: Pledge; Popularity: 361)

Penelope Hadley (Meaning: Heather field; Popularity: 112)

Penelope Hailey (Meaning: Heather field; Popularity: 77)

Penelope Haven (Meaning: Form of heaven; Popularity: 286)

Penelope Hayden (Meaning: Valley, fire; Popularity: 290)

Penelope Hazel (Meaning: Hazelnut tree, brown; Popularity: 28)

Penelope Heaven (Meaning: Heaven; Popularity: 496)

Penelope Helen (Meaning: Torch, shining light; Popularity:  440)

Penelope Holly (Meaning: Holly tree (with red berries); Popularity: 465)

Penelope Holland (Meaning: Wooded land; Popularity: 638)

Penelope Hunter (Meaning: One who hunts; Popularity 817)

Penelope Irene (Meaning: Peace, goddess of peace; Popularity: 674)

Penelope Iris (Meaning: Rainbow; Popularity: 107)

Penelope Ivy (Meaning: Vine; Popularity: 49)

Penelope Kaia (Meaning: To rejoice, sea; Popularity: 231)

Penelope Kara (Meaning: Beloved, dear, wild stormy one, Pure; Popularity: 767)

Penelope Katie (Meaning: Pure; Popularity: 531)

Penelope Kelsey (Meaning: Cenel’s Island; Popularity: 622)

Penelope Kenzie (Meaning: Short form of Mackenzie; Popularity: 463)

Penelope Kinsley (Meaning: King’s meadow; Popularity: 57)

Penelope Khloe (Meaning: Young green shoot; Popularity: 176)

Penelope Kylie (Meaning: Beautiful, graceful; Popularity: 159)

Penelope Lacey (Meaning: From Lassy; Popularity: 808)

Penelope Laila (Meaning: Of the night; Popularity: 242)

Penelope Laurel (Meaning: Laurel tree; Popularity:  636)

Penelope Layla (Meaning: Night, dark; Popularity: 25)

Penelope Lexi (Meaning: Defender of man; Popularity: 416)

Penelope Lila (Meaning: Night, beauty; Popularity: 223)

Penelope Lilly (Meaning: A flower; Popularity: 218)

Penelope Lina (Meaning: Tender; Popularity: 669)

Penelope Lisa (Meaning: Pledged to God; Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope Lola (Meaning: Lady of sorrows; Popularity: 260)

Penelope Lucie (Meaning: Victory; Popularity: 43)

Penelope Lucille (Meaning: Light; Popularity: 276)

Penelope Lucy (Meaning: Light; Popularity: 47)

Penelope Luna (Meaning: Moon Goddess; Popularity: 11)

Penelope Marie (Meaning: Drop of the sea, bitter, beloved, biblical reference; Popularity: 600)

Penelope Marley (Meaning: Pleasant seaside meadow; Popularity: 215)

Penelope Maxine (Meaning: Greatest; Popularity 701)

Penelope Maya (Meaning: Water; Popularity: 55)

Penelope Mia (Meaning: Mine; Popularity: 8)

Penelope Micah (Meaning: Who is like the Lord; Popularity: 982)

Penelope Michelle (Meaning: Who is like God; Popularity: 394)

Penelope Mila (Meaning: Gracious, dear; Popularity: 26)

Penelope Monroe (Meaning: Mouth of the Roe River; Popularity: 525)

Penelope Nevaeh (Meaning: Heaven spelled backward; Popularity: 86)

Penelope Nicole (Meaning: People of victory; Popularity: 340)

Penelope Noah (Meaning: Motion; Popularity: 692)

Penelope Noelle (Meaning: Christmas; Popularity: 202)

Penelope Nova (Meaning: New; Popularity: 32)

Penelope Paityn (Meaning: Warrior’s estate; Popularity: 939)

Penelope Palmer (Meaning: He who holds the palm; Popularity: 329)

Penelope Parker (Meaning: Park keeper; Popularity: 115)

Penelope Piper (Meaning: Pipe or flute player; Popularity: 96)

Penelope Raina (Meaning: Queen; Popularity: 887)

Penelope Raven (Meaning: Dark-haired, wise; Popularity: 409)

Penelope Raya (Meaning: Friend; Popularity: 494)

Penelope Remi (Meaning: Oarsman; Popularity: 122)

Penelope Rhea (Meaning: A flowing stream; Popularity: 615)

Penelope Rosa (Meaning: Rose, a flower; Popularity: 660)

Penelope Rosie (Meaning: Rose; Popularity: 461)

Penelope Ryder (Meaning: Post messenger, cavalryman; Popularity: 993)

Penelope Saylor (Meaning: Acrobat, dancer; Popularity: 258)

Penelope Scarlette (Meaning: Scarlet, red; Popularity: 930)

Penelope Shelby (Meaning: Estate on the ledge; Popularity: 548)

Penelope Simone (Meaning: Hearkening; Popularity: 873)

Penelope Stella (Meaning: Star; Popularity: 41)

Penelope Stevie (Meaning: Garland, crown; Popularity: 284)

Penelope Stormi (Meaning: Impetuous nature; Popularity: 931)

Penelope Summer (Meaning: One of the four seasons; Popularity: 141)

Penelope Sunny (Meaning: Bright, bubbly, and cheerful; Popularity: 650)

Penelope Sutton (Meaning: From the southern homestead; Popularity: 244)

Penelope Sydney (Meaning: Saint Denis (French), Wide meadow (English); Popularity: 249)

Penelope Sylvie (Meaning: From the forest; Popularity: 586)

Penelope Teagan (Meaning: Beautiful, creative, attractive; Popularity: 254)

Penelope Tenley (Meaning: Burnt clearing; Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope Tessa (Meaning: To reap, to gather; Popularity: 287)

Penelope Thea (Meaning: Goddess, godly; Popularity: 312)

Penelope Promise (Meaning: Pledge, vow; Popularity: 740)

Penelope Riley (Meaning: Rye clearing; courageous; Popularity: 37)

Penelope Sara (Meaning: Princess; Popularity: 196)

Penelope Sasha (Meaning: Protector of men; Popularity: 571)

Penelope Tori (Meaning: Bird; Popularity: 995)

Penelope Willow (Meaning: Willow tree, freedom; Popularity: 39)

Penelope Zoe (Meaning: Life; Popularity: 42)

Three-Syllable Middle Names for Penelope

Penelope Aaliyah (Meaning: Exalted; Popularity: 61)

Penelope Abigail (Meaning: My father is joy; Popularity: 17)

Penelope Adaline (Meaning: Noble; Popularity: 289)

Penelope Addison (Meaning: Noble, beautiful inside and out; Popularity: 45)

Penelope Aleena (Meaning: Light, fair; Popularity: 591)

Penelope Alexis (Meaning: Helper, defender; Popularity: 341)

Penelope Alicia (Meaning: Noble-natured; Popularity: 415)

Penelope Alyssa (Meaning: Noble; Popularity: 233)

Penelope Amanda (Meaning: Lovable, worthy of love; Popularity: 475)

Penelope Andrea (Meaning: Strong, brave; Popularity: 173)

Penelope Aria (Meaning: Song, melody; Popularity: 22)

Penelope Aurora (Meaning: Dawn; Popularity: 36)

Penelope Bianca (Meaning: White; Popularity 447)

Penelope Briana (Meaning: Strong, virtuous, honorable; Popularity: 637)

Penelope Briella (Meaning: God is my strength; Popularity: 328)

Penelope Camila (Meaning: Young ceremonial attendant; Popularity: 12)

Penelope Camilla (Meaning: Young ceremonial attendant; Popularity: 311)

Penelope Caroline (Meaning: Free; Popularity: 81)

Penelope Christina (Meaning: Follower of Christ; Popularity: 629)

Penelope Dakota (Meaning: Friendly one; Popularity: 270)

Penelope Delaney (Meaning: Dark challenger; Popularity: 269)

Penelope Diana (Meaning: Divine; Popularity: 225)

Penelope Elaina (Meaning: Bright, shining light; Popularity: 257)

Penelope Emani (Meaning: Faith; Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope Erin (Meaning: From the island to the west; Popularity: 578)

Penelope Estella (Meaning: Star; Popularity: 657)

Penelope Fiona (Meaning: White, fair; Popularity: 296)

Penelope Gabrielle (Meaning: God is my strength; Popularity: 448)

Penelope Gianna (Meaning: The Lord is gracious; Popularity: 13)

Penelope Imani (Meaning: Faith, belief; Popularity: 533)

Penelope Ivanna (Meaning: God is gracious; Popularity: 605)

Penelope Liana (Meaning: To climb like a vine; Popularity: 408)

Penelope Makayla (Meaning: Who is like God; Popularity: 355)

Penelope Malia (Meaning: Calm, peaceful, bitter, the star of the sea; Popularity: 256)

Penelope Maria (Meaning: Drop of the sea, bitter, beloved; Popularity: 106)

Penelope Mariah (Meaning: The Lord is my teacher, drop of the sea, bitter, beloved; Popularity: 342)

Penelope Marissa (Meaning: Drop of the sea, bitter, beloved, famous battle; Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope Michaela (Meaning: Who is like God; Popularity: 581)

Penelope Naomi (Meaning: Pleasantness; Popularity: 54)

Penelope Natasha (Meaning: Birthday of the Lord; Popularity: 905)

Penelope Patricia (Meaning: Noble, patrician; Popularity: Not ranking)

Penelope Sabrina (Meaning: From the border, most delightfully, legendary princess; Popularity: 397)

Penelope Samira (Meaning: Companion in evening conversation; Popularity: 927)

Penelope Selena (Meaning: Moon Goddess; Popularity: 203)

Penelope Serena (Meaning: Tranquil, serene; Popularity: 387)

Penelope Sienna (Meaning: Orange Red; Popularity: 149)

Penelope Sofia (Meaning: Wisdom; Popularity: 18)

Penelope Sophia (Meaning: Wisdom; Popularity: 6)

Penelope Sylvia (Meaning: From the forest; Popularity: 467)

Penelope Talia (Meaning: Gentle dew from heaven, by the water; Popularity: 303)

Penelope Vienna (Meaning: Forest stream, from wine country, the capital of Austria; Popularity: 845)

Penelope Violet (Meaning: Purple; Popularity: 35)

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Four-Syllable Middle Names for Penelope

Penelope Adriana (Meaning: From Adria; Popularity: 334)

Penelope Alessia (Meaning: Defending warrior; Popularity: 436)

Penelope Alexandra (Meaning: One who comes to save warriors; Popularity: 168)

Penelope Alexia (Meaning: Man’s defender, helper; Popularity: 874)

Penelope Anastasia (Meaning: Resurrection; Popularity: 181)

Penelope Angelina (Meaning: Angel; Popularity: 298)

Penelope Arianna (Meaning: Most holy; Popularity: 145)

Penelope Carolina (Meaning: Free; Popularity: 509)

Penelope Elizabeth (Meaning: Pledged to God; Popularity: 14)

Penelope Julianna (Meaning: Youthful, sky father; Popularity: 301)

Penelope Liliana (Meaning: Lily, a flower; Popularity: 104)

Penelope Mariana (Meaning: Related to the god Mars; Popularity: 250)

Penelope Olivia (Meaning: Olive tree; Popularity: 1)

Penelope Serenity (Meaning: Peaceful; Popularity: 85)

Penelope Tatiana (Meaning: Fairy Queen; Popularity: 994)

Penelope Valentina (Meaning: Strength, health; Popularity 69)

Hispanic Middle Names for Penelope

Below are our top picks for Hispanic middle names for Penelope:

  • Mariana
  • Maria
  • Isabel
  • Gabriela
  • Giovanna
  • Sofia
  • Valentina
  • Angela
  • Delfina
  • Elena
  • Juana
  • Luisa
  • Victoria
  • Natalia

“J” Middle Names for Penelope

Penelope Jade (Meaning: Precious green stone; Popularity: 91)

Penelope Jane (Meaning: God is gracious; Popularity: 265)

Penelope Joy (Meaning: Happiness, great pleasure; Popularity: 407)

Penelope Judith (Meaning: She will be praised, woman of Judea; Popularity: 959)

Penelope Julia (Meaning: Youthful; Popularity: 114)

Penelope June (Meaning: Young; Popularity: 175)

Penelope Jada (Meaning: Jade; Popularity: 683)

Penelope Janelle (Meaning: God is merciful; Popularity: 664)

Penelope Joelle (Meaning: Jehovah is his God; Popularity: 731)

Penelope Jolene (Meaning: Pretty; Popularity: 456)

Penelope Justice (Meaning: Just, upright, righteous; Popularity: 741)

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Nicknames for Penelope

Below are the most popular nicknames for Penelope:

  • Penny
  • Pen
  • Polly
  • Nel
  • Nell
  • Nellie
  • Lola

Boy Names That Go With Penelope

  • Aiden
  • Andrew
  • Benjamin
  • Carter
  • Chris
  • Daniel
  • Elijah
  • Gavin
  • Grayson
  • Jack
  • James
  • Leo
  • Levi
  • Liam
  • Lincoln
  • Logan
  • Lucas
  • Luke
  • Mason
  • Matthew
  • Max
  • Nick
  • Oliver
  • Parker
  • Porter
  • Ryan
  • Theo
  • William
  • Wyatt

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